Why Sustainable Living is for Everyone!

September 7, 2021 | Written by Green Live

A blog post explaining more about what Green Live is, why it has been created, and who should attend the event.

What is Green Live? 

Green Live is a new live event to inspire sustainable living.  

We are launching the event at two of the UK’s leading shopping centres Westfield London(1st – 3rd October 2021) and centre:mk Milton Keynes (15th – 17th October 2021). 

To make the event accessible for everyone, and to maximise attendance we have made the event FREE for everyone to attend. 

The event offers visitors the opportunity to discover new eco friendly brands, products and services first-hand. And the chance to learn new ways of living more sustainably by attending a wide range of talks from leading experts.  

Why Green Live? 

Our climate is rapidly changing and without substantial action and change, we will experience the devastating impacts of global warming.  

One critical part of tackling climate change is for everyone to take more responsibility in living more sustainably. There is a lot we as individuals are unable to control, and we are reliant on our governments making the right decisions. But what we can control is how we live ourselves. We can control what we buy, what we wear, what our pension supports, what we drive, how we travel, where we invest, what we drink, what we eat, how we clean, what energy we use, and many many more aspects of our lives. 

Key objectives for Green Live include: 

  • To inspire people to think about the impact they personally make on the environment. 
  • To help people discover companies and products that offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional mainstream products that are harmful to the planet.  
  • To educate visitors about sustainable living, and ultimately lower their carbon footprint. 

Who should attend Green Live? 

Everyone! Sustainable living is for everyone! Green Live is for everyone! 

Climate change is problem we all face.

You do not have to be an eco warrior, or a vegan, or a green party voter to attend Green Live. Although, if you are an eco warrior, vegan, or green party voter, then you too are of course very welcome to attend Green Live. 

You absolutely don’t have to currently have a sustainable lifestyle to attend Green Live.  

And you don’t have to be perfect. For anyone starting out, we suggest making a few key changes in your life, and building from there. Committing to a few new ‘sustainable swaps’ at a time.

As the saying goes ‘We don’t need a handful of people doing sustainable living perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.’  

How do I attend? 

Easy. Book a FREE ticket on our website – greenlive.co.uk  

And to help offset the carbon footprint of the event, we will be planting 25,000 trees for the first 25,000 people to book a ticket.  

The Green Live team all look forward to seeing you there!