Who And What Is Green Wallet?

August 25, 2021 | Written by Ruxandra Trimbitas, Green Wallet

As time passes and the consequences of climate change become more visible, have you ever thought of changing your lifestyle? We know that more and more individuals are becoming eco-conscious, and even the number of eco businesses are growing at a rapid pace. What is the problems then?

We’ve noticed that there is no single platform to unite those eco merchants with eco customers. Isn’t it frustrating that you cannot find everything in one place? It gets even more annoying when you want to make a change but don’t know where to start. Welcome to Green Wallet, your one-stop ethical marketplace. Here you can shop sustainably, connect with conscious merchants, and see the difference you make in the world.

All of us vote with our wallets every day. Green Wallet is a vote for change.

It’s best we’re honest up-front – in-app you will find bugs and kinks and tripwires. It’s not perfect and there’s coming soon stickers on some more key features. But we’re ready to go. We’re a small team – powered by passion and held together with spit and glue. But we’re driven not to just build a company. We’re building a community.

And we’d love you to grow with us.

What Is Green Wallet?

Green Wallet is for conscious shopping, payments and actions. It’s a place where anyone can take positive daily steps for the future of us and our planet.

We plant a tree with every transaction. There’s an in-app reward system called Green Coins that rewards sustainable behaviour.

Coming soon are ethical banking and money management features, carbon footprint tracking and more.

Until now, there’s been no single platform uniting eco merchants with eco customers. There’s been no single place to exercise our collective power and grow our voice as a community seeking change. Green Wallet is that place.


The company started life as Envision, another boring payment platform. But when Envision’s CEO had an epiphany, and began to live a plant-based life, the seeds of Green Wallet were sewn.

Envision was rewired and rebuilt into an ethical shopping and payments platform. A place where anyone can pay positive forward. Not going to lie, it’s taken a while to get here: we’re a scattered team on a shoestring budget. We’ve got used to winging it; many of us pitching in around other jobs, projects and our studies. But we’re powered by belief, values and passion. We know Green Wallet can make a difference.

Who We Are

We may be a small team, but we share the same ethical principles. After all, numbers do not win a battle, right? But as we are getting closer to the launch, are looking for more people to join us, someone with the same values and just as passionate about making a difference as we are.

We’ve said it before, but we are more than an app, we are a community. We stay connected with our followers as much as we can through social media, especially Instagram. Is there anything you’d like to ask us? Or perhaps you’d like to give us some feedback or suggestions. Just leave us a message there and we’ll respond as quickly as possible! To us, staying in touch with our audience is crucial. As long as we keep in touch with you, the customers, we understand your needs and wants better, and we can tailor our platform accordingly.

What We Believe In?

Our team believes that together we can create a better, greener future for our planet. That is why, as said before, we plant a tree with every transaction. It may not seem much, but minor changes can have the biggest impact.


Our motto is #votewithyourwallet. It reflects our principle of putting your money where your values lie. Ethical spending is a crucial player in the fight for a better future. When we exercise our collective financial powers, society’s power brokers will listen.

Who Is Green Wallet For?

You. All of us. Them. As time passes and the consequences of climate change become more visible, we need to adjust our lifestyles, our expectations and our habits. Whether or not we realise it, we vote with our wallets every day.

Unfortunately, until now there’s been no one place to facilitate conscious shopping. Sustainable merchants and retailers are scattered around the internet, or work on the fringes of big shopping platforms.

There’s a perception that ethical shopping equals extra hassle, more cost and less choice.

Green Wallet is here to remedy all of that. We’re here to unite those who have already made changes; who want to make changes; who don’t know how to make changes – in one place.

What The Future Holds For Us?

This is a rather technical section, and it will soon become a blog post with all the details you need. But, just to give you a hint, we have a few exciting features that will come in the future!

Besides getting as many merchants as possible on our platform and helping small businesses grow along with us, we are diving deeper into the world of technology.

  • Have you ever heard of Green Banking? Well, you may soon learn how it works once we incorporate it in our app.
  • Are you curious about how much carbon dioxide your lifestyle produces? You will soon be able to do that with our future carbon footprint tracker!

To be honest, in the immediate future, we’ll sort the Green Wallet bugs out and begin to grow our platforms into a place for the world to transact with conscious confidence. Driving business to sustainable merchants, and rewarding ethical customers , we think will make a difference. We’re going to continue planting trees with every transaction that’ll make a difference. We’re going to keep facilitating and rewarding everyday changes. It’s that critical mass that’ll make the biggest difference of all.


What Can I Do?

Download the app We understand that lifestyle change doesn’t happen immediately. Change or Questions such as ‘Where do I begin?’ or ‘How do I do that?’ are completely normal. They’re understandable. Green Wallet represents a beginning to answering those questions. So please join us on our journey. And by “our” we don’t mean this small team. We mean everyone; all of us. It’s our planet, it’s our journey. Whether we realise it or not, we’re a community of citizens.

We have one planet, and no plan B.

  • Download Green Wallet and let’s make a start, together. We are launching at the end of March. #VoteWithYourWallet and lay the foundations of a conscious, sustainable life for generations to come.