The heart of Harleco

September 2, 2021 | Written by Alicia De Lange, Harleco

Team Harleco is extremely delighted to be participating in this years Green Live 2021. We are passionate about our values one is creating a sustainable future for our community and my amazing daughter for years to come!

Being welcomed to events that is a values match are always an exciting time and couldn’t be happier to showcase the hard work that has gone into the development of our products.

We are a newly formed team in January 2020 led by a Mum who’s passionate about making the world a greener place! After years of ice skating coaching, I wanted to put all my passions into making one big step forward with a positive impact.

Harleco is a brand that creates active wear for the girl who wants to feel confident, happy and contributing to a sustainable future. We are a small family team that are driven to make a big impact.

All our products are made from Econyl. The regeneration system starts with rescusing waste otherwise polluting the earth, like fishing nets, fabrics scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic all over the world. That waste is then sorted, cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible. It is processed into yarns and polymers for the fashion industry.

For every 10,000 tons of econyl raw material we are able to save 70,000 barrels of crude oil and avoid 65,100 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions. It also reduces the global warming impact of nylon upto 90% compared with the material from oil.

The nylon has the potential to be recycled infinitely without losing it’s quality!

Not only through our choices of partners but in our everyday living we try to influence a sustainable lifestyle and continue to showcase the benefits of an eco-friendly life to support one of the world’s biggest challenges.

We can’t wait to meet you at MK Green Live, we love sharing our story and also listening to yours as well. We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to sharing the day with all the fantastic brands working to make a difference.

Take Care, see you soon

Alicia De Lange

Harleco Founder