The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is an educational charity that was formed in 1944, making the charity 77 years old this November. The society’s internationally recognised Vegan Trademark with over 53,000 products registered across the globe including 3,000+ brands in 79 countries. Designed for businesses and consumers, our logo helps companies improve their product labelling, making veganism more accessible to consumers, and confirming registered products are free from animal ingredients and animal testing.

Developed by The Vegan Society, our multivitamin VEG 1 is designed specifically for vegans, to provide additional nutritional support alongside a balanced and varied vegan diet. Registered with The Vegan Trademark, VEG 1 is loved and trusted by over 46,000 vegans worldwide. The Vegan Society are proud to be the organisation whose founders coined the term ‘vegan’ giving us the authority on vegan product labelling and supplementary vegan nutrition.