Scenting Your Space

September 6, 2021 | Written by SJ Scents

Scent is one of the most heightened senses linked to triggering memories and emotion. Feeling good at home is about creating a space that suits your lifestyle, so it’s important that we think about fragrance when it comes to designing our interior.

Choosing the right home fragrance is a subtle art, especially when buying online, reading the description sometimes just isn’t enough. So, at SJ Scents Co we thought what better way to help you when choosing one of our products, than to create a break down of the four main scent families with our fragrance finder, which consists of Oriental, Woody, Fresh and Floral. You will notice that some of our scents overlap categories, this is because each family consists of a prominent scent, while subfamilies are blended versions of these fragrances.

When choosing a scent for your home, you need to consider what will work best in your space based on the size of the room, how it is used on a day-to-day basis and what mood you are trying to create. Here are a few of our suggestions, to help.

Oriental Scents
We think that these are well suited in bedrooms and cosy rooms, where you want to relax and unwind as they are warm and rich, the notes in this family are usually opulent and heady commonly softened with notes of Amber.

Woody Scents
We like to enjoy these scents in our study as they are captivating and warm, but they could also be used in living rooms. These scents include Sandalwood or Cedarwood mixed with softer fresh or floral notes like Patchouli.

Fresh Scents
Fresh scents are very versatile and can be used in many spaces, we like to use them in the kitchen or bathroom, but they can also be used in hallways. They are vibrant and refreshing encompassing clean and bright notes of citrus, fruity and green notes. Perfect for the summer days or just for a refreshing scent around your home.

Floral Scents
We tend to use these in spaces that welcome guests, like hallways or living rooms but this family is another versatile one, as florals can work in any space. They tend to range from light and delicate to more complex and intense scents. Notes usually found amongst them are Rose, Jasmine and Neroli.

So, when it comes to choosing how to scent your home, consider the ambiance you are trying to create and how you would like to experience fragrance at that current moment.

If you’re not sure where to start and would like any help or suggestions on scenting your home, we are more than happy to help you, just contact us at or via our chat service on our website, our fragrance finder can also be found on our website.