Saving the planet, one eco-friendly smart bag at a time

September 2, 2021 | Written by Bagboard

We’re Bagboard and we’re proud goodie-two-shoes, especially when it comes to being kind to people and the planet.

Our app, smart bag and customers are paving the way for a new kind of shopping experience that puts control back into the hands of people, and brands, who want to look after the Earth.

So, how does it work? Well – It’s pretty simple. If you’re in the Greater London area, and you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then all you need to do to start is download the Bagboard app. From here, you can request your FREE smart bag, which is made from kraft paper, is fully recyclable and from a sustainable source. “But what about the rain?!” We hear you cry. Our smartbags are 100% water resistant, making them perfect for the Great British weather. They’re strong, too – and can carry up to 3 bottles of wine without a hitch – but don’t ask us how we know that.

Once your smart bag arrives and you’ve finished jumping for joy – you’ll notice a discrete QR code on the inside panel, as well as one of our brand partners on the front. Scan your bag with the app and you’ll begin a journey. This journey tells us how many people saw your bag, and in turn, we reward you for it two fold.

Firstly, whenever you make a journey with your Bagbaord, we remove oceanbound plastic on your behalf – thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank. And, since Jul 26, 2021 we’ve removed the equivalent of 132,471 plastic bags from our oceans.

Data provided by the EEA shows that in April of 2020, there was an increase of 170,000 tonnes of single use plastic above business as usual statistics. Furthermore, in a study conducted by Science Direct, found that there was a significant increase in wastage from single use household items; with food packaging increasing 50%.

We know that making changes to your daily routine is tough, too. That’s why we also reward you for choosing Bagboard everyday. With every completed journey, you’ll earn Conscious Coins – or CCX – which you can offset in our in-app marketplace.

And, there’s more. We know that it takes a community to make change, which is why we also send out Weekly Good News to those who subscribe to it. Because the world is a tough old place sometimes. We want to brighten it up.

Now, for the really good stuff. Our partners. Each and every one is a stellar representation of what the big dogs should be doing, but sadly, aren’t. So, whether you’re looking for cleaning products, tampons and athleisure-wear or picking up some pet food, we’ve got you covered.
It’s a lot to take in, right? But here’s the thing. Together we can make change. Together we can promote the brands doing fantastic things and encourage them to do even more great things for people and the planet. Together, we’ll have conscious shopping in the bag.