Part-own a wind farm to power your home – the easiest way to transform your carbon footprint

August 18, 2021 | Written by Ripple

August’s IPCC report into climate change left no room for doubt. We need to act fast on climate change. But what simple actions can we take that make a real difference? Lifestyle changes such as eating less meat or flying less and improving technologies like electric cars can make a huge difference, but what about simple, affordable solutions to the way we power our homes? When it comes to searching for better energy choices, many find the lack of transparency of a green tariff frustrating. At this point some turn to installing roof top solar but many are unable to afford the high upfront cost or discover that their home is unsuitable.

By contrast, wind is the UK’s cheapest and lowest source of carbon. Wind turbines themselves are incredible efficient, with just one swoosh of their blades able to power a typical home for up to 8 hours. Individual households have not been able to unlock all of that incredible green power for…until now. Introducing Ripple.

Ripple are on a mission to unleash the UK’s green power and make renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone. In the first of its kind anywhere in the UK, they are building the first wind farms ever to be owned not by companies or businesses but by you – the households and electricity customers themselves, transforming their member’s carbon foot print and lowering their electricity bills for the long term. By part-owning a small part of a large wind farm, households can enjoy their very own source of 100% clean, green electricity to power their homes, all via the grid.

4 easy steps to part-owning a wind farm

• Step one: Decide how much of the wind farm you want to own
Using their easy-to-use on-line calculator, Ripple helps you decided how much of the wind farm you’d like to own to cover your home’s electricity consumption and show you a quote to see how much that will cost you. Most Ripple customers choose to cover 100% of their home’s electricity consumption, but you can choose to own as much or as little of the wind farm as you like. You can even change this figure up or down depending on your budget. The more you choose to purchase, the more clean green electricity you’ll own

• Step two: Purchase your share of the wind farm:
Once you know how much you wish to own you can go ahead and purchase your wind farm ownership plan. Ripple works with a number of energy supply partners giving you the choice of how you wish to be supplied by. If you need to switch suppliers, Ripple manages this so it is completely hassle free for you

• Step three: Join the cooperative and become a wind farm owner!
The wind farm is entirely owned by you, the customers and is managed via a cooperative society. As you part-own the wind farm with hundreds of other Ripple members, Ripple will manage your entry into the cooperative.

• Step four: Ripple builds your wind farm and you receive 100% green zero carbon electricity
Now all you need to do is sit back and relax as Ripple manages the construction of your wind farm. Once completed and switched on your wind farm will begin generating your own source of green zero carbon electricity. How much energy you receive depends on how much your share of the wind turbine generated that month and you’ll receive your share via the grid and Ripple’s utility partners.

What is the impact?

Ripple members are estimated to save
• Over 1M million kgs of CO2 per year – Because your wind farm will generate 100% fuel free zero carbon electricity, Ripple members who choose to power 100% of their home electricity consumption will transform their carbon footprint
• Up to 25% off their electricity bills – As well as being up to 65% cheaper than installing roof top solar, Ripple members enjoy lower electricity bills for the lifetime of the wind farm. Members receive their savings via their electricity bills one month after their wind farm begins to produce energy

Meet the team at Green Live to find out more

Come meet the Ripple team in person at Green Live and find out how you can get access to their next wind farm ahead of membership opening later in the year. You can also catch CEO & Founder Sarah Merrick speak live on the Green Live stage about just how easy it is to own your own slice of truly green power by becoming a wind farm owner.

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