Our Sustainability

September 27, 2021 | Written by Green Live

We are increasingly looking into all areas of how we deliver our events. Striving for our events to be more environmentally friendly. 

Where possible, we have opted to producing something digitally over physically producing something for the event. Where we have had to print something for the event we have ensured that we can either reuse it for future events or that it is made from 100% recyclable materials. We will be avoiding single use materials that can not be recycled. 

It is unlikely we will get everything right first time, but we will try, and we will learn by our mistakes. 

This is very much a journey towards sustainability and we welcome any suggestions and feedback – info@greenlive.co.uk 

Graphic Panels & Banners 

We are delighted to have found materials that are 100% recyclable for the event graphics panels and banners. 

Our Graphic Panels that will be used for most of the exhibitors stands will be made from Dispa Board. Dispa is a sign & display board with a flat smooth bright white print surface. It has a unique embossed core that provides rigidity and stability and is made of 100% paper. FSC certified and fully recyclable. Dispa is PVC free. 

Our sponsor banners hanging over the event are made from KAVALAN. All the latest KAVALAN banner materials now hold LCA certifications, officially confirming KAVALAN’s superior eco-performance over traditional PVC banner. PVC-Free, 100% clean and boasting environmental credentials unlike any other product in the large-format printing industry before it, KAVALAN’s banner range is a ground-breaking alternative to PVC that doesn’t compromise on quality, vibrancy or impact. 

At the event we will be encouraging all visitors to access the event content such as the Green Live Digital Show Guide and Event Floor Plans by scanning QR Codes (that will be displayed around the event) with their mobile phones. 

 Schell Scheme, Furnitue & Equipment 

All the shell scheme (walls of the stands), furniture and equipment used at the event are rented from an events production company. They are all multi-use and are used at thousands of events.  

Exhibitor Badges & Lanyards  

For security purposes it is important that we as the organisers are able to identify who our exhibitors are.  

We are fortunate to have found Indentilam. They offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainable options including recycled PET lanyards and badges. We have opted for their highest quality badges that are even waterproof to make sure the badges are durable and long lasting.  

We have deliberately kept any dates and exhibitor logos off the design, so that we can reuse them for many events in to the future. All exhibitors have been instructed to return the lanyards and badges after the event. Our team will also actively collect them for future use. 

Carbon Offsetting 

To help offset the carbon footprint of the event we are planting a staggering 25,000 trees.  

We have partnered with Treepoints and MoreTrees to make this possible.  

Treepoints will be planting 12,500 trees for the first 12,500 people to book a FREE ticket for the Westfield London event. And MoreTrees will be planting 12,500 trees for the first 12,500 people to book a FREE ticket for the centre:mk Milton Keynes event. 

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways we have to fight climate change. Trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, protect wildlife and replenish the soil.


Our carpets for the event are supplied by Reeds Carpets. Their Evo-Collection have been specifically designed by to give the industry the opportunity of using a sustainable floor-covering solution. The carpet is made from 100% Polypropylene plastic, which is a polymer that is extruded from crude oil.  They supply and/or install the carpet for an event and retrieve after it has been used. They then clean and process the Polypropylene, back into a granulated polymer state and return it into the food chain for the Plastics Industry.


Our team’s event uniform will be made from 100% organic ring-spun cotton (certified with the latest version of GOTS). We will not be featuring any dates on the event as our uniform will be used for many more events to come in the future. 

We hope to add to this list as we learn and progress forwards.