Natural Deodorant that works and doesn’t cost the earth

September 21, 2021 | Written by So Natural Cosmetics

In the ever expanding market of natural, ethical and sustainable skincare, there is one area that has always proved controversial….Natural Deodorants.

There are many deodorant brands in this increasingly congested sector, but it also has the unenviable reputation for products that don’t actually work or require weeks of transition until they become effective.

At SO natural skincare, we are particularly proud of our innovative water-based natural deodorant liquid gel. It is an original formulation, created to address the historical issues with natural deodorants. By going back to basics and dealing directly with what causes body odour, we have created a product which is packed with natural actives which inhibit the development and growth of those bacteria. We also wanted a product that was quickly absorbed into the skin, with no greasy residue and didn’t mark users’ clothes, hence being water-based and a very light gel texture.

The added bonus is that our SO natural Deodorant Liquid Gel goes to work immediately (no transition period required) and gives all day protection, even for male users and those in warm, active or stressful environments.

We have received 5 Star reviews across the board and returning customers emphasise how effective it really is.

It is also very eco-friendly….being hand made in small matches, using ethically and locally sourced ingredients that are cruelty free and vegan, it is water based and contains only 100% natural ingredients, it is biodegradable and will not leech chemicals into our water system. It also comes in a glass refillable/reusable/recyclable bottle which can be refilled from one of our refill outlets.

SO, what’s not to like?