Sweet Yourself Vegan

Hey, I’m Tash and I’m the 2nd half of the SYV duo. Matt and I have been together for over 5 years (thank you Tinder) and have been in business together for over 3 of those years now.

We saw a gap in the market and thought we’d be able to help fill it. As someone who can personally relate to picking through tiny ingredients lists at pick & mix stands and carefully seeking out what was vegan and what wasn’t (most weren’t). We both have a huge sweet tooth & choosing sweets of a weekend is one of our favourite past times so this part was not fun and I was always left feeling disheartened and frustrated 😒

There’s always been such a stigma around veganism in general and ‘vegan food’ – mention that and someone pulls a weird face as if to say, why are you eating that?! But we want to change that and have people enjoying vegan foods without actually being vegan, there really is no need for animals products to be in sweets, and the bigger the demand, the less animals companies will use so that’s our mission!