Apold Apothecary

Apold Apothecary make cold processed natural soap, soy wax candles, wax melts and reed diffusers, all inspired by childhood summers spent in Apold.
As a business, Apold Apothecary is passionate about helping to conserve our environment and utilising all that nature has to offer. Everything we produce is carefully crafted with future conservation and sustainability in mind. Inspiration comes from a time and a place where the people respected and looked to nature for their very survival. We are also a plastic free company and use eco-friendly packaging. This year, I also took time to think about my own health and wellbeing and have implemented some changes to my own lifestyle, starting with embracing ‘slow living’.
I do hope you enjoy all our products, the scents certainly evoke vivid and special times spent with my family in Transylvania.