Sarah Merrick

Founder & CEO, Ripple Energy

Part-own a wind farm to power your home – the easiest way to transform your carbon footprint

Join Sarah Merrick, Founder & CEO of Ripple, to discover how you can power your home with 100% green electricity. Ripple enables you to co-own a wind farm to supply your home, transforming your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills. Hear how Ripple are revolutionising clean energy by building the UK’s first ever consumer-owned wind farms, putting power into people’s hands to deliver real positive climate action

Sarah has worked in the wind energy industry since 2000. Prior to becoming Founder and CEO of Ripple Energy she was Head of Public Affairs for Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer as well as vice-chair of RenewableUK, the UK’s trade body for wind and marine energy.

As an industry expert in renewable energy generation, Sarah founded Ripple to give everyone an easier way to own their own source of clean 100% renewable power, allowing them to ensure their energy has a real, positive climate impact.