Jacob Wedderburn-Day

Co-founder, Treepoints

Jacob Wedderburn-Day is co-founder of Treepoints – the world’s first platform to reward you for offsetting your carbon footprint.

A fusion of a subscription plan and external API, Treepoints allows users and businesses to achieve carbon neutrality status. With the added bonus of their reward scheme in the form of a green marketplace, which includes eco-friendly brands like Patagonia, Toms, Lush. Think “air miles”, but for helping the planet.

The idea came to Jacob, when his startup Stasher, valued at over $12 million and present in 250 cities worldwide, was hit badly by the global pandemic and forced him to re-evaluate the biggest issues at hand and how he could help to tackle them.

Jacob graduated from Keble College, Oxford in 2015, and Stasher was born the summer he graduated, landing him a spot in Forbes 30 under 30 last year. In his spare time, he loves football and is a big Charlton fan, even holding a season-ticket at ‘The Valley’. He is also the co-host of ‘The Morality of Everyday Things’ a podcast where two friends from college and business partners who studied a mix of Philosophy, Economics and Politics at Oxford University share their lunchtime discussions which catapulted into the top 5% of podcasts worldwide in 2020.