Charlotte Morley

Founder, thelittleloop

Charlotte founded thelittleloop while on maternity leave from Notonthehighstreet. She describes it as both the biggest risk she’s ever taken, and the best thing she could imagine doing for her children’s future.

As a lifelong sustainability advocate and self-confessed geography geek, Charlotte had been horrified by the amount of clothing waste generated by her two children. Yet she realised that the existing system of hand-me-downs and charity-shopping was haphazard and time consuming for parents, and offered very little choice. Drawing on her retail and technology experience she set out to create a sustainable, revolving wardrobe for kids. It is designed to offer parents maximum convenience, choice, quality, and value while making sure every garment saves upto 83% of its environmental footprint. Just subscribe, choose exactly the clothes they need right now, and then swap them anytime for a whole new set. It couldn’t be easier.