Anna Allington

Founder, Oath Home

Anna Allington is the Founder and Director of Oath Home is a sustainable, luxury home furnishings company. 
The inspiration behind Oath Home began during a visit from the founder to a close family member’s old storage facility, which was full of rolls and rolls of unused, luxury fabrics headed to landfill. Anna began to wonder how many pre-consumer fabrics were wasted every year and if she could do anything to prevent this waste. Since then, Oath Home has partnered with designers, interior specialists, production studios and sustainable warehouses to coordinate the repurposing of luxury fabrics that would have been incinerated or otherwise destroyed. Whilst Oath Home’s best-sellers are cushions, the team works with smaller and smaller pieces of leftover fabric to make the most of every inch, creating other products such as stockings, door stops, and face masks, with many more designs in the pipeline. The team at Oath Home also donate 100% of the profits from their sales to the charity Step by Step, which works to break the cycle of youth homelessness and give young people a chance to succeed.