Oakdale Bees

Oakdale Bees is an apiary of British Buckfast bees set in four acres of beautiful, bee friendly meadows, bordering Royal Windsor Forest in Oakley Green, Berkshire. The hives, consisting of about one million bees, were established in 2015. As well as producing sought-after Oakdale Bees honey, the company has developed a collection of handmade eco hive products including Beeswax wraps, Beeswax wrap kits, candles, Doggie Paw and Nose Balm, plus eco gifts for both children and adults together with the Beevitalise Range of organic polishes aimed at preserving wood and leather products. During the Summer the company holds a series of Introduction to BeeKeeping Days where participants can learn about the importance of saving bees and learn more about the hives and the role of beekeepers.