GIBIE intends to reduce the harmful effects and pollution from current linen production. We provide the finest linen through a combination of innovative weaving technology & 5000-year-old Ayurvedic dyeing techniques. Through our naturally dyed linen, we want to promote Ayurvedic Herbal Dyeing as an alternative to today’s chemical-intensive industry.

We believe that there are enough resources available in nature to develop superior fabrics and we want to tap into the benefits & utilities that come with natural fibres & dyes, whilst highlighting issues with today’s textiles. ​ ​ Fabric dyeing is one of the most polluting and harmful industries in the world today. It not only harms our environment in a big way, but it is also harmful to your skin which is constantly in contact with the fabric while you are using it. People often suffer from skin rashes and itching due to these dyes.