Avika Soaps

When I had my first daughter, I struggled deeply with post natal depression. The whirlwind of change to my life completely threw me and I felt lost in the world of motherhood.

One afternoon I came across soap making and I was in awe ! The creativity, handcrafting and most importantly the joy on loved ones faces when they received my soaps, always lifted me up and filled me with such happiness. Years on I have perfected my craft and finally feel it is time to share with the world! And now with two daughters and finding myself again with the love and strength of my family AVIKA was born – named after my two beautiful blessings Avleen and Annika.

These soaps are created by myself and my husband, where we not only make our own little masterpieces, but come together to forget the stresses of everyday and reconnect over some good old crafting therapy! I hope our little bars of happiness can give you and your skin as much love as they have given us and our family !