Milton Keynes

Green Live

What’s this all about?

A new, live, FREE event, to inspire sustainable living.

In the lead up to COP26, Green Live will host 80+ sustainable brands and speakers at two of the UK’s leading shopping centres.

Sustainable Lifestyle?

Frankly, as a result of the way the majority of us are consuming the planet’s natural resources, we are destroying the environment! Our climate is rapidly changing and without action we will experience the devastating impacts of global warming.

The good news is it’s not too late! But we must act now.

It’s time we all started playing our part in taking responsibility for how we consume. It’s time to start buying better, more eco friendly products and services. Joining us at Green Live will be a great start!

Our Team

Unsurprisingly we are passionate about the environment and events.
Our team has a combined 70 years event experience (some of us are older than others!).

We are all looking to live more sustainably and have created an event that we would like to attend ourselves.

Our Sustainability

We are increasingly looking into all areas of how we deliver our events. Striving for our events to be more environmentally friendly.

  • Green Live will have a 100% digital marketing campaign. We will not print any newspaper or leaflets.
  • The graphic panels and carpets we use at the event will be 100% recycled.
  • Our teams event uniform will be made from EarthPositive® (produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton. Certified with the latest version of GOTS).
  • To help offset our event carbon footprint we have partnered with Treepoints and MoreTrees and will plant a total of 25,000 trees for the first 25,000 people to register to attend the two Green Live events.

*This is very much a journey towards sustainability and we welcome any suggestions and feedback –

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