Leiho Bamboo Socks That Give Back To The Homeless Community

September 6, 2021 | Written by Georgina Weston, Leiho

Leiho means ‘How are you?’ in Cantonese and sometimes that’s all you need to ask someone to show that you care.

Leiho is a social impact brand where every purchase is matched with another item donated to someone in need. Founded in December 2019 by Joey Li and Thuta Khin, Leiho’s journey began with bamboo socks because clean socks are one of the most requested but least donated items of clothing at homeless shelters. That is why, for every pair of Leiho bamboo socks sold, Leiho helps to provide basic essentials such as another pair of socks, underwear, a healthy meal, toiletries or even clean water to those experiencing homelessness.

Leiho’s mission is to help improve the lives of vulnerable communities starting with something as simple as a pair of socks. The founders were inspired by Tony, a man who was formerly homeless who told them that “it’s the simple things like getting a clean pair of socks that really helps boost your wellbeing and confidence for that day”. We often take these simple things for granted because most of us are fortunate enough to have access to them whenever we need, but for those sleeping rough who have to walk several miles a day to find food and shelter, it makes a big difference.

Since launching, the social impact brand has expanded to other products that give back, such as sustainable tote bags that help provide nutritious meals to children in need and stainless steel water bottles that help provide clean water to those experiencing homelessness during the summer. Since December 2019, Leiho has donated over 7600 items of essentials to over 30 different homeless shelters, charities and projects.

Leiho will be making an appearance at Green Live to encourage consumers to purchase more ethically and to join their journey. So come along to say hello and get your hands on Leiho’s super soft, temperature adapting, and ethically made bamboo socks that give back to vulnerable communities!

In the meantime, below are 5 tips from the team on how you can help someone experiencing homelessness. Will you be challenging yourself today?

• Volunteer – If you don’t want to spend money, invest your time instead. Charities are always looking for volunteers and there are a wide variety of the roles you could take on based on your skills.
• Donate – Clothes, food, water, sanitary products, deodorant/antiperspirant, sunscreen etc, the list is endless! If you are unsure about what you think may be useful, do some research or contact the charity you wish to donate to and ask them what they need.
• Shop differently – Change the brands you support and slowly watch your mindset change. By making a conscious choice to shop at places that partner with charities or environmentally conscious organisations, you are already making a big difference even if you don’t realise it.
• Give them water/buy a hot meal – If you prefer to make a more direct connection, you can politely approach a rough sleeper and start a conversation. If they appear to accept your company, you can ask if they would like some water, a hot meal or any essentials that they are in need of. Sometimes it’s not just all about giving but acknowledgement also goes a long way.
• Money – Donations always make a big difference in supporting a charity’s operations, projects and the impact that they are making. Every little helps.

Written by Georgina Weston