September 10, 2021 | Written by Identilam

At Identilam, we know how important it is to protect our planet in whichever way possible, which is why we have many Green Products on offer so that we can do our part to help out. As the earth continues to face challenges due to climate change, we are constantly looking to create new and innovative ways to make our products eco-friendlier. Our idgreen ECO Products range from lanyards that are made from Bamboo, to recycled badges!

Our PET lanyards have been manufactured from recycled plastic and are fully customisable with a wide range of clips. Or we have lanyards made from Bamboo that can be screen-printed and pantone matched to ensure the best quality aswell as being completely recyclable.

If you are needing eco-friendly passes, we have options for those too! Being that they can be paper or plastic, glossy or matte finish, with whichever design you desire, all are wholly recyclable and have been printed using a CO2 neutral printer to ensure emissions and noise levels are kept to the bare minimum. And in case you were wondering about the plastic wallets to pair up with these passes – we can offer these in recyclable PVC which can be used multiple times for all of your varying events.

Our Idhesive Eco badges are very popular if you need rapid onsite printing (just 6 seconds per badge – in full colour!) Available in 75 x 105mm or A5 on recyclable paper.

We are also part of the AVERY family who are in full support of sustainability in the hopes to make our world greener. AVERY have targeted reducing their emissions and carbon footprint by centralising their manufacturing base to a location that will cut down freight journeys, aswell as using sensor-triggered LED lighting and using a range of recyclable packaging – amongst many others!

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Please get in contact with us on for any queries and we will be more than happy to help you with any upcoming events you are having.