September 1, 2021 | Written by Good Living Brew

Hops have long provided beer with anti-ageing, taste enhancing qualities and more recently, there has been an explosion in the breeding and development of hops that add different tastes and aromas to beer.  

Hop bines grow 3-6m each season. Most brewers use only the inch-long hops that flower high up on the bine; the rest goes to waste. Binary Botanical uses every single one of the leaves that sprout off our Sovereign and First Gold hop bines. What others discard is our treasure.  Our bines are grown in the UK; we’re not shipping hops halfway around the world. We can pop in and see them whenever we like. They’re also organic, which promotes biodiversity. They may not have as many leaves as their standard neighbours, but our bines are strong, healthy, resilient, packed with flavour and super sustainable.

 When we had the idea for adding hop leaves to a brew in order to provide it with wine like tangy taste, we knew the leaves would need to be organic and found a partner in John Walker, organic hop grower from Worchester.  The use of the leaves as a key ingredient increases the overall value and sustainability of hop gardens.  

John was prepared to experiment with the whole new process of harvesting leaves in addition to hop cones and had to modify the harvesting, processing and packing done on the farm to achieve this.  We love the fact that a waste product can be sustainable and delicious.