BeeWraps UK

As our rivers and oceans continue to become choked by the sheer volume of plastic discarded in them, we don’t just want an alternative, we need one. Fortunately, there is another way, for at least one aspect of plastic use; that of the covering and wrapping of foodstuffs that would normally contribute to the ever-growing problem. Julie Woodward founded BeeWrap UK and is part of a developing push for eco-friendly alternatives to the way we live our lives today. BeeWrap UK makes beeswax wraps in a range of beautiful designs and sizes and are the perfect substitute for cling film, foil, and plastic bags to suit your family’s needs. Reusable, anti-bacterial, and compostable, BeeWrap UK is a simple, natural, and convenient way to wrap your food over and over again. We sell directly to customers and have an ever-growing number of stockists around the UK