September 15, 2021 | Written by Estarli

A nice chap called Ross visited our build centre in Hertfordshire today. He’s an experienced cyclist in his 60s and a health condition means he can’t ride like he used to. He hates that! So, he came to us for a boost. After a chat and a tour, he took one of our eBikes out of the office and disappeared up the road. Fifteen minutes later he returned with a smile on his face and placed an order. The extra power uphill was all he needed to feel like his old self.

At estarli, we get a lot of customers like this. Seasoned cyclists getting older or carrying niggles who are desperate not to give up the bike. However, we get a lot more customers who have never really ridden at all. Absolute novices. No tours under their belts. No Strava medals. No Lycra. These two groups are worlds apart. And yet, eBikes unify them: The same hunger for freedom. The same love of the outdoors. The same child-like excitement to explore without limits or fear.

This is why we love making eBikes. And the icing on the cake is that all these people are exercising and reducing cars on the road.

Let’s take charge.

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