Changing textiles dyeing – one towel at a time

September 1, 2021 | Written by GIBIE Home Furnishings

GIBIE intends to reduce the harmful effects and pollution from current linen production. We provide the finest linen through a combination of innovative weaving technology & 5000-year-old Ayurvedic dyeing techniques. Through our naturally dyed linen we want to promote Ayurvedic Herbal Dyeing as an alternative to today’s chemical-intensive industry. We believe that there are enough resources available in nature to develop superior fabrics and we want to tap into the benefits & utilities that come with natural fibres & dyes, whilst highlighting issues with today’s textiles. ​

Fabric dyeing is one of the most polluting and harmful industries in the world today. It not only harms our environment in a big way, but it is also harmful to your skin which is constantly in contact with the fabric while you are using it. People often suffer from skin rashes and itching due to these dyes. Some of the chemicals used in dyeing can even cause skin cancer. There have been several instances now when clothing companies have recalled their products because of health complaints by the consumers.​

Working in the textiles industry for many years in India, GIBIE’s founder Hitesh learned about the terrible conditions within the dyeing industry. The amount of pollution this industry was pushing out into rivers in India resulted in many diseases. Workers lost their fingers because of the harmful synthetic dyes, & consumers today continue to wear such dyes on their bodies. Disheartened, Hitesh decided to make a change, so went on a journey to source alternative dyeing methods. He came across a dyeing practice which was 100% natural, healthy & had existed in India for 5000 years but was on the brink of extinction. He started working on ways to make this dyeing process viable for modern textiles. 3 years of hard work allowed him to develop the right method and identify manufacturers to work with to create the finest, utility-based linen.
Labeled GIBIE from the Sanskrit words; Gunas, Indriya, Buddhi, Ichha & Eka meaning Mind, Body & Soul, the most important aspects of Ayurvedic practice.

Through our naturally dyed textiles, we want to develop Ayurvedic Herbal Dyeing as an alternative to today’s disastrous chemical-intensive dyeing industry. 100% of the water used in the dyeing process is reused in agriculture ensuring zero water wastage or contamination from our dyeing methods. Ayurvedic Herbal dyeing is 100% natural and comes with many never-seen-before Ayurvedic benefits like it enhances our skin immunity, increases metabolism and keeps our skin revitalised.​

Our Bath Linen range is made from natural fibres and fabricated using innovative weaving techniques to provide the most luxurious feel and fantastic qualities like anti-bacterial, odour resistant, quick-drying and quick absorbent.

GIBIE is the only bed & bath linen brand that provides sustainable and health-conscious products inspired by 5000-year old Ayurvedic dyeing practices that affect our physical and mental well-being. Being a PETA-approved vegan brand, GIBIE™ has vowed never to manufacture by cruelty. GIBIE was also selected at the Green Product Awards, 2020 and has been recognised and awarded as among the top 100 most sustainable products, globally.