5 reasons to use eco-friendly cleaning products

August 26, 2021 | Written by Made Kind

During the pandemic we have all spent even more time at home. It’s where our heart is, a space where our families eat, sleep, work and play, so we need to protect our indoor environment and make it as safe, clean and chemical-free as possible. Switching to natural, eco-friendly cleaning products is a good place to start. Here are five reasons why we need to keep our homes chemical-free this winter.

  1. Make your home safer

Supermarkets have shelves full of brightly-coloured cleaning products because manufacturers tell us we need a different cleaner for every corner of the house, but this just isn’t true. A small range of natural, non-toxic products will keep most surfaces in your home fresh and hygienically clean. It also means your cleaning cupboard won’t be stuffed with plastic bottles full of poisonous chemicals for small children and pets to find. Natural cleaning products are also a lot safer for children and animals who are more vulnerable to airborne chemicals.

  1. Clean up your air

No-one likes the heavy smell of chemicals hanging in the air. As well as leaving a toxic smell, many detergents, furniture polish and air fresheners contain chemicals that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These contaminate the air inside your home and may increase the risk of developing asthma and allergies, including headaches and skin conditions.

All ingredients in MadeKind’s multi-purpose cleaner are derived from plants, and scented with essential oils. So it’s not only kinder to the planet, but creates a cleaner, sweeter-smelling environment to live in.

  1. Protect the environment

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Says Anne Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef. This also applies to tipping chemical cleaning products down the sink and into our water systems, which over time affect our wildlife and other natural resources. Most green cleaning products like MadeKind use sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that don’t harm the environment. So switching to effective, non-toxic cleaning products is a small step towards saving our planet, and a big leap towards keeping our homes chemical-free.

  1. Inspire others

When you start using eco-friendly cleaning products and brushes and see how well they work, you’ll inspire others to follow your lead. Better still, share the secret of a healthier home by giving friends and family a gift pack of natural non-toxic products. It’s a wonderfully original way to show them you care about their health, while creating a brighter future for their planet.

  1. Share the love

Companies that create green cleaning products are a caring lot, and take social responsibility seriously. Many give a portion of their profits to organisations that support social, economic and environmental change. Made Kind are proud to support Surfers Against Sewage in their mission to fight plastic pollution and clean up the UK’s oceans, rivers and waterways. Their priority is to fight plastic pollution by changing consumer behaviour when it comes to single use plastic, and cleaning up pollution from our beaches and rivers. So buying our natural, non-toxic products means you’re not only being kind to your family, you’re making the world a better place too.