4 Reasons To Make The Switch To Cruelty-Free Today

August 24, 2021 | Written by VertueBox

Whether it’s food, clothes or beauty products, we have seen more and more vegan options
continue to crop up over the last couple of years. Yes that’s right, veganism as a whole has
continued to grow in popularity with more health benefits being discovered every day. For some
shunning dairy, meat, and other animal products may seem like an extreme sacrifice. If you’re not
quite ready to make the leap but still want to make a change, it may be time to go cruelty-free

‘Cruelty-free’ refers to products that are not tested on animals and ‘vegan’ refers to products that
do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Choosing to go cruelty-free is a great start and
included benefits of its own.

Cruelty-free products are often better for you

More often than not, products that haven’t been tested on animals are also free of nasty
chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and synthetic dyes too. Companies that don’t want to harm
animals in the process of making their products want to avoid harming people too! These cleaner
products are better for your skin, which means you’ll see less issues like breaking out and

Using cruelty-free products leads to more mindful practices

Once you start to think about how your products are made and why that makes you
uncomfortable, it kind of gets you thinking! You’ll soon start to think about your beauty routine
altogether and it’ll allow you to make more mindful decisions about the products you select. Do
you really need this? Does this add to your routine? Do I have space or will it cause clutter?

You are making a difference

Where you spend your money matters and says a lot. When shopping cruelty-free, you send the
message that animal testing is wrong. When enough people take a stand, companies change their
practices and hopefully one day cruelty-free becomes the standard!

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