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Estimation of Property Value / Market Appraisal

Our experts will conduct a detailed inspection and assessment of your property considering many factors including structure, age, condition, features, size and location, before estimating its value in line with the current market conditions. We will then suggest an appropriate asking price. a valuation today.


Green Live are able to help you in all aspects of arranging a EPC Survay for your property.

Presentation of the Property

We take up to 6-8 digital photographs of your property, and write accurate descriptions in line with legislation. All this information is used to prepare sales brochures, window / office displays, newspaper adverts, and uploaded to our website and internet marketing portals .

Database of waiting pre-qualified Applicants

We have a large database of people looking for property. Using advanced automated systems, prospective Applicants are "matched" and contacted with details of your property.
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Advertising on our Website

Your property is displayed on our website available globally 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Advanced search tools allow potential buyers to find your property quickly.

Advertising on Internet Portals

Your details are also simultaneously uploaded to numerous national property portals including:

Arrangement of Viewings

We will discuss with you the best time and days of the week to show your property, and aim to arrange viewings at your convenience. It is crucial to present your property in its best possible condition and we have set out a series of pointers to guide you through this process.


Once Tenants decide to take the property after the viewings they will be asked to put up a holding deposit usually 2 weeks rental figure or £500 in order to secure the property. Any offer received will be put forward to you at the first available opportunity. Should the offer be unacceptable to you, we will do our best to negotiate an offer that is acceptable.

Initiating the Lettings Process

When an offer has been agreed we conduct thorough checks of the status of the Tenants by collecting the following references; Employers reference, Previous / Current Landlords Reference, Status Enquire or Bank Statements and Copy of the Passport or Drivers Licence, If they are students will further Request a Guarantor for the Rental of the property. Once we are happy the sales process is initiated.

Lettings Progression

Green Live property experts will monitor the progress of your Let every step of the way, liaising with all parties - referees, Tenants, or Referencing Companies. We can advise on any problems which may arise and make the whole process as 'stress free as possible'

Collection of Documents

At this stage we will request from you a copy of the Gas Safety Record (if Any) and Electrical Safety Certificate, as well as organising the Inventory for the proeprty.

Receiving the Funds

Once the references are checked we will collect usually 6 weeks deposit from the Tenants Which needs to be protected by suitable Tenancy Deposit protection scheme, and one months rental in advance.

Completion of Lettings - CONGRATULATIONS!!

The timescale for completion of Lettings will largely dependent on the References. Once the Landlords has approved the References and contract, it can be signed immediately by both parties and keys released to the incoming Tenants.

For more information on the sales process, specific advice on your property, or to arrange a valuation

General Advice for Landlords

If your property is mortgaged, you should obtain your mortgage's written consent to the letting. They may require additional clauses in the tenancy agreement of which you must inform us.

If you are a leaseholder, you should check the terms of your lease, and obtain the necessary written consent before letting

You should ensure that you are suitably covered for letting under both your buildings and contents insurance. Failure to inform your insurers may invalidate your policies. We can advise on Landlords Legal Protection, Rent Guarantee Cover and Landlords Contents and Building Insurance if required.

Bills and regular outgoings
We recommend that you arrange for regular outgoings e.g. service charges, maintenance contracts etc. to be paid by standing order or direct debit. However we are managing the property, by prior written agreement we may make payment of certain bills on your behalf, provided such bills are received in your name at our office, and that sufficient funds are held to your credit.

Council Tax and Utility Accounts
We will arrange for the transfer of Council Tax utility accounts to the Tenant if we Manage the property so no need to worry!. Meter readings will be taken, allowing your closing gas and electricity accounts to be drawn up. All these matters we will handle for you, however British Telecom will require instructions directly from both the Landlord and the Tenant.

Income Tax
When resident in the UK it is entirely the Landlords responsibility to inform the Inland Revenue of rental income received, and to pay any tax due. Where the Landlord is resident outside the UK during a tenancy, under rules effective from 6 April 1996, unless an exemption certificate is held, we as Landlord's Agent are obliged to retain and forward to the Inland Revenue on a quarterly basis, an amount equal to the basic rate of income tax from rental received, less certain expenses. An application form for exemption from such deductions is available from this Agency, and further information may be obtained from the Inland Revenue.

The Inventory
It is most important that an inventory of contents and schedule of condition be prepared, in order to avoid misunderstandings or dispute at the end of a tenancy. Without such safeguards, it will be impossible for the Landlord to prove any loss, damage or significant deterioration of the property or contents. In order to provide a complete Service, we will if required for a member of staff to prepare an inventory and schedule of condition, at the cost quoted in our Agency Agreement.

For more information, view the following documents:




Landlords Procedure and Check List

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